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Laser Cross is a mobile start up interactive entertainment sport’s gameoperating company. We offer a fast paced, non-contact game with a high tech edge, designed to get your adrenaline pumping and your brain working.

Today’s parent’s and family members are in an active, hard working and time sensitive environment. Parents are looking for quality entertainment and, or a party event, an alternative to what’s available, a total package where an all inclusive and competitive price will give their children a memorable experience in playing the ultimate mobile tag action game. Laser Cross offers the parent and child a unique opportunity to join forces and participate as peers.

Corporate’s are constantly looking to introduce a cost effective element of fun, reward, product launching and getting all participants to band together through one activity. Laser Cross will offer all of this plus the added benefit’s of natural development of teambuilding, fundamental qualities like leadership, important team values like planning before execution, communication, co-ordination and motivation.

Laser Cross will provide the event that will give customer satisfaction, with no hassle, creating opportunity for the parents and corporate to be game participants, not the event gophers. We will co-ordinate, set-up, supervise and facilitate, so you can relax and enjoy the game and fun.


Laser tag, as commonly known, is a team or individual sport where players attempt to score points by engaging targets, typically with a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device or phaser. Infrared-sensitive targets are worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played. The computerized targeting device wielded by a player emits a brief infrared beam which carries an identifying signal, and the target records the signal when they are tagged by the beam.

Although the name implies the use of lasers, real lasers are generally not used except as aiming devices. The actual transmitting element of almost all laser tag gear is an infra-red Light Emitting Diode similar to those used in household remote controls. Therefore it is safe for all ages as electronic taggers are not considered firearms of any sort, given that there are no projectiles being discharged.

Laser games are known through out the world by different names, in America as Laser TAG, in Australia as Laser Skirmish and in Europe as Laser Combat, with a vast verity of equipment and technology. It is a new sport that has evolved into both indoor and outdoor styles of play, and many include simulations of combat, role play-style games, or competitive sporting events including tactical configurations and precise game goals. Laser tag is similar to paintball, airsoft and other simulation shooting or targeting sports, but diverges in its reliance on a computerized control system and there is no physical contact. The computer system provides score tracking as well as enforcing some rules of engagement.

Laser Cross uses the latest in outdoor laser tag equipment. The advanced equipment allows for full sunlight play with real time scoring, accuracy with maximum range, durable and allows for movability. All of which make’s for a fast action, adrenaline pumping, high tech game.

The game incorporates physical activity and social interaction – two elements missing in the development of an entire generation raised on video games. People playing this game are having fun, developing teamwork, communication, leadership skills, getting involved in the outdoors and keeping fit.

Mobile Laser Cross will be active in your community and a gathering place for children and youth, through safe, fun interactive entertainment. The game is addictive and repeat play is the rule rather than the exception.